There are not innocent nor wronged


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Blessed is the Peace of Jesus!

Sisters, everybody knows in the current incarnation, there is no innocent or wronged in the physical plane.

Regarding the ones who work arduously in the name of Lord Jesus, the obstacles have been appearing more and more difficult. They are daily monitored by the adversaries of Christ in their weaknesses. In case of carelessness and subsequent vibration fall, it allows a negative net, subtle in the beginning, but gradually impeding in a cunning way their will and independence in acting.

They are many brothers wanted by dark beings and Reptilians; however, some still bring in their hearts, mistakes of last lives making easier the approach of negative intelligence with time and inclination for such work.

Margarida, they still did not dominate the sister yet, but the disharmony and carelessness unhappily can happen. It is a matter of time, the materialization of the trap.

We urge you to pray and watch your thoughts and actions.

We remain vigilant, as friends and spiritual guides in this Spiritist House.

Peace from the Master,

John the Baptist, GESH - 05/04/12 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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